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Sophisticated cuisine crafted by chefs showcasing local ingredients. St. Tammany Parish, aka Louisiana’s Northshore, is rich in family-run restaurants where soulful food reflects tradition, heritage and hearty appetites. But you’ll also find sophisticated, even innovative, cuisine crafted by chefs showcasing the best local and seasonal ingredients on menus inspired by Louisiana’s bounty.

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Crawfish Etouffee Recipe
Crawfish étouffée is a quintessential Louisiana dish found in both Cajun and Creole cuisines. Learn to make it with this simple recipe.
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Tammany Taste Trip Ideas & Recipes

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Louisiana's Famous Desserts
Sink a sweet tooth into these classic desserts straight from the Bayou State.
A Few of the Best Known Chefs of Louisiana
Discover these chefs that will make your mouth water while you devour their award-winning Louisiana dishes.
Ponchatoula Strawberry Pie Recipe
This delicious pie shows off succulent Louisiana strawberries.
Visit Louisiana's Pick-Your-Own Farms
The freshest, sweetest berries are ready for picking! Bring the kiddos and have a family fun day.
public://carousel/Palmettos on the Bayou Barbeque Stuffed Shrimp Po-boy, Slidell, photo courtesy LouisianaNorthshore.com_.jpg
Restaurant Showcase! Tammany Taste Louisiana
Northshore’s rich restaurant scene starts with the farmers and continues with the the mom-and-pop seafood shops, po-boy stands, fine restaurants and, of course, accomplished, passionate chefs.
Louisiana's Cooking Schools
These Louisiana cooking schools can transform your recipe repertoire.
Northshore Outdoor Adventures Meet Culinary Extravaganzas
You'll work up an appetite playing all day in the Northshore outdoors.
Creole King Cake Ice Cream Recipe
Just in time for Mardi Gras, try this recipe for King Cake Ice Cream.
Cauliflower and Belle River Crawfish Soup Recipe
Louisiana crawfish is the star of this creamy soup.
Don't Miss Dishes - Tammany Taste Trail
With the year-round growing season, locally farmed, seasonal ingredients are in the spotlight at restaurants along the Tammany Taste trail.
Nor-Joe's Muffuletta Recipe
Sink your teeth into this classic New Orleans sandwich.
Local Craft Beers
Tour South Louisiana's Craft Breweries One Pint at a Time
Experience Louisiana's Culinary Trails
Pack up and head out for a tasty Louisiana road trip.
Guide to the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival
During the peak of strawberry season, Ponchatoula hosts an all-out party for the juicy fruit.
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Recipe
Try this traditional chicken and sausage gumbo dish. Gumbo represents the cultural blending that makes the Bayou State so unique.
Louisiana Carryout - Local Products and Tasty Treats
Carry out a taste of Louisiana from each culinary region - these products make for tasty trip mementos.
Behold the Holy Trinity of Cajun Cooking
These three simple ingredients form the base of most Cajun and Creole dishes.
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
This Louisiana staple dish will make your tastebuds realize the real meaning of comfort food.
Creole Crab Dip Recipe
This rich and creamy crab dip recipe is the perfect appetizer.
Louisiana Seafood Boil Recipe
It's always a party in Louisiana — host your own seafood boil to bring a taste of Louisiana to you!
Eat Fresh In Louisiana – Follow Our Culinary Trails
The Louisiana Culinary Trails can guide you to some of the best food your taste buds will ever experience.
How to Make Roux
Roux may sound fancy but it's simple to make. Discover the different types of roux, how to cook a roux and watch the step by step instructional video.
Louisiana Culinary Dictionary
The Bayou State’s flair for the exotic extends to its tongue-twisting menu of local dishes. Brush up on your Louisiana vocabulary with these ten culinary terms.
25 Louisiana Travel Ideas for Food Lovers
Louisiana’s landscape and history create a culinary tradition unlike any place else - and that makes it the perfect vacation getaway for anyone who loves to eat!
Top Restaurants and Culinary Experiences in the Northshore
From the famous Ponchatoula strawberries to unforgettable Creole dishes, Louisiana’s Northshore is packed with must-taste restaurants and culinary experiences.
Eat Well - Locally Grown and Produced in the Northshore
The Northshore's rich culinary scene begins with the food's origins steeped in culinary heritage.
Louisiana's Culinary Hall of Fame
Get the guide to Louisiana's most famous dishes and where you can eat them!
Louisiana Crab and Brie Soup Recipe
This decadent recipe for crab and brie soup is now available for you to try in your own kitchen!
Oak Alley's Shrimp Creole Recipe
Enjoy this Southern shrimp creole recipe from the kitchen of one of the Grand Dames of plantations in Louisiana, Oak Alley.

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