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In Baton Rouge, delicious cuisine is a way of life complete with local markets, cooking classes and, of course, tailgating crews who love to share their Bayou State’s specialties. Experience the capital city’s international influences at a variety of Mediterranean and Asian restaurants, or enjoy palatial dining at a nearby plantation.

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How to Make Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
Enjoy this simple recipe a tried and true favorite Cajun recipe.
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Capital Cravings Trip Ideas & Recipes

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Louisiana's Famous Desserts
Sink a sweet tooth into these classic desserts straight from the Bayou State.
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Don't Miss Dishes - Capital Cravings Trail
From Tigertown casual classics to Creole fine dining, the Capital Cravings trail will satisfy every appetite.
Louisiana's Culinary Lingo
The best way to learn Louisiana’s edible lingo is simply to sit down and start eating.
Ultimate List of Louisiana Products to Serve with Holiday Meals
Prepare your holiday meals in style with these locally-made Louisiana products.
Experience Louisiana's Culinary Trails
Pack up and head out for a tasty Louisiana road trip.
Louisiana's Culinary Hall of Fame
Get the guide to Louisiana's most famous dishes and where you can eat them!
Mom's Pecan Pralines Recipe
Louisiana Chef Jeremy Langlois shares his mother's prized recipe for this classic Louisiana treat.
A Few of the Best Known Chefs of Louisiana
Discover these chefs that will make your mouth water while you devour their award-winning Louisiana dishes.
Louisiana's Cooking Schools
These Louisiana cooking schools can transform your recipe repertoire.
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Make the Most of LSU Football Weekends in Baton Rouge
Whether donning purple and gold to cheer on the LSU Tigers or traveling with the visiting team, Baton Rouge has much to offer fall football fans all season long.
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In the Kitchen with Chef John Folse
Get to know one of Louisiana's favorite chefs.
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Baton Rouge Food Trucks
Check out these mobile kitchens, and learn where to find them.
Baton Rouge History on Display
Downtown Baton Rouge is home to the Old Governor’s Mansion, Shaw Center for the Arts and the Louisiana Art & Science Museum and Planetarium.
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A Louisiana Take on Middle Eastern Cuisine
Middle Eastern immigrants have been settling into Louisiana for over a century, and with them came their famous cuisine.
25 Louisiana Travel Ideas for Food Lovers
Louisiana’s landscape and history create a culinary tradition unlike any place else - and that makes it the perfect vacation getaway for anyone who loves to eat!
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
This Louisiana staple dish will make your tastebuds realize the real meaning of comfort food.
Louisiana Carryout - Local Products and Tasty Treats
Carry out a taste of Louisiana from each culinary region - these products make for tasty trip mementos.
Coastal Louisiana Oyster Chowder Recipe
Fresh Louisiana oysters are the highlight of this tasty chowder.
Baton Rouge on a Budget
The local duo known as "2BRokeGuys" shares their top picks for enjoying the capital city without spending a fortune.
Louisiana Food Lovers' Bucket List
This is just a small sampling of the many iconic foods you'll have to try as you explore all five regions of Louisiana.
Local Craft Beers
Tour South Louisiana's Craft Breweries One Pint at a Time
Visit Louisiana's Pick-Your-Own Farms
Get a little dirty, have a lot of fun and teach your kids that food doesn't just come from the grocery store.
Louisiana Seafood Boil Recipe
It's always a party in Louisiana — host your own seafood boil to bring a taste of Louisiana to you!
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King Cake with Cream Cheese Cinnamon Filling Recipe
Cookbook author Holly Clegg's easy (and healthy!) King Cake recipe.
Eat Fresh In Louisiana – Follow Our Culinary Trails
The Louisiana Culinary Trails can guide you to some of the best food your taste buds will ever experience.
Creole King Cake Ice Cream Recipe
Just in time for Mardi Gras, try this recipe for King Cake Ice Cream.
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Recipe
Try this traditional chicken and sausage gumbo dish. Gumbo represents the cultural blending that makes the Bayou State so unique.
Louisiana Culinary Dictionary
The Bayou State’s flair for the exotic extends to its tongue-twisting menu of local dishes. Brush up on your Louisiana vocabulary with these ten culinary terms.
Behold the Holy Trinity of Cajun Cooking
These three simple ingredients form the base of most Cajun and Creole dishes.
Top Restaurant and Culinary Experiences in Baton Rouge
The Capital Cravings trail centers around Louisiana's capital city of Baton Rouge and stretches from the urban city center to the sugar plantations lining the Great River Road. Explore the open-air markets and eateries and cosmopolitan cooking of...
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Seven Don't Miss Louisiana Food Tours
A selection of region-specific itineraries for food lovers on the go
How to Make Roux
Roux may sound fancy but it's simple to make. Discover the different types of roux, how to cook a roux and watch the step by step instructional video.
Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe
Houmas House Plantation's recipe for a Mint Julep cocktail.
Crawfish-stuffed Bayou Chicken Recipe
Enjoy this tasty and simple recipe featuring Louisiana crawfish and juicy chicken.

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