Louisiana Culinary Trails Map

Use this map to discover Louisiana’s eight culinary trails and start planning your tasty journey. You’ll be dining like a Louisiana local in no time.

Seafood Sensation Creole Crescent Tammany Taste Capital Cravings Bayou Bounty Seafood Sensation Prairie Home Cooking Red River Riches Delta Delights Culinary Trails Map

Creole Crescent

The land of stiff drinks, celebrity chefs and locals who lift dining to an art form.

Tammany Taste

Sophisticated cuisine crafted by chefs showcasing local ingredients, complimented by local craft beer.

Prairie Home Cooking

Down-home hospitality and good food without pretense in Louisiana’s Cajun prairie.

Capital Cravings

Baton Rouge’s city fare combines with River Road gems to create a treat for every taste.

Bayou Bounty

Crawfish, boudin, hot sauce — Acadiana has all the makings for a taste-tempting trip.

Seafood Sensation

The bounty of Southwest Louisiana’s coasts and wetlands make this the ultimate trip for seafood lovers.

Red River Riches

From soul food to meat pies, the variety of food featured along this trail means you’ll be planning your next meal before you leave the table.

Delta Delights

From savory beginnings to sweet endings, Northeast Louisiana serves up don't-miss fare with a Southern focus.