Louisiana Paddle

Louisiana Paddle

From our lakes and bayous to our marshes and the Gulf Coast, there's always an adventure in store.

Choose A Paddle Region

Sportsman's Paradise Area
Sportsman's Paradise

From the mellow bayous to gorgeous, big lakes and many waterways through State Parks, North Louisiana offers many paddling options.

Crossroads Area

The big open waters of Toledo Bend and mellow bayous grace this area of Louisiana.

Cajun Country Area
Cajun Country

Endless waterways in Bayou Teche, multiple national wildlife refuges, paddling trails and state parks offer miles of paddling opportunities.

Plantation Country Area
Plantation Country

Explore the beauty of these waterways in and around Baton Rouge and the Mississippi.

Greater New Orleans Area
Greater New Orleans

Endless waterways stretching from the wildlife preserves in the south of New Orleans to the incredible bayous on the Northshore offer miles of exploration.