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Crawfish, boudin, hot sauce - Acadiana has all the makings for a taste-tempting trip. You’d be wise to extend your stay in the heart of Cajun Country. First-time travelers rarely allow enough time to take in the region’s treasures. Here, the folks are generous hosts and excellent cooks. They strive to preserve the Cajun heritage, which includes knowing how to have a good time.

Taste of the Bayou Bounty Trail

Crawfish Bread Recipe
Crawfish Bread is a favorite at festivals around Louisiana. Add this to your Cajun and Creole recipe faves and serve as an appetizer or entree.
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Bayou Bounty Trip Ideas & Recipes

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Louisiana Seafood Boil Recipe
It's always a party in Louisiana — host your own seafood boil to bring a taste of Louisiana to you!
Ultimate List of Louisiana Products to Serve with Holiday Meals
Prepare your holiday meals in style with these locally-made Louisiana products.
Louisiana's Culinary Hall of Fame
Get the guide to Louisiana's most famous dishes and where you can eat them!
Fall's Delicious Food Festivals
We don't just eat our favorite foods. We celebrate them with full-out festivals.
Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival
If you’re craving Cajun or Creole music and food, there's no better place to find it than at the Crawfish Festival.
Shop Louisiana Farmers Markets
Fresh-food markets are popular throughout Louisiana, and visitors can enjoy shopping them just as locals do.
Charley G's Bluesiana Salad Recipe
Enjoy this deliciously different salad from Charley G's in Lafayette.
Behold the Holy Trinity of Cajun Cooking
These three simple ingredients form the base of most Cajun and Creole dishes.
Culinary Trail Signature Dish: Plate Lunch
Along the Bayou Bounty Louisiana Culinary Trail, plate lunches are a local favorite.
Golden Potato Soup with Fried Gulf Oysters Recipe
This easy and delicious soup recipe is wonderful any time of year but especially when the weather is cool and the Gulf oysters are fresh.
Louisiana Shrimp and Oysters: Boat to Table
Shrimp and oysters are in the character of our local cuisine, and they make a big contribution to the economy and way of life in Louisiana.
Culinary Trail Signature Dish: Boudin
Boudin, a spicy Cajun sausage, is one of the region's most popular eat-on-the-go foods.
public://crawfish town-friedseafood.jpeg
Top Restaurant and Culinary Experiences Outside Lafayette
The area outside of Lafayette, St. Martin Parish and Cajun Coast encapsulates so much of Louisiana’s uniqueness, bringing together world-class seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, fresh produce and meats from local farms, and plenty of Cajun flavor to...
25 Louisiana Travel Ideas for Food Lovers
Louisiana’s landscape and history create unique culinary traditions, making it a perfect vacation getaway for anyone who loves to eat!
Coconut Shrimp Recipe from Charley G's
Succulent Gulf shrimp and sweet coconut combine to make this crispy coconut shrimp recipe.
The Inside Scoop on Louisiana Gumbo
Fall’s arrival means it’s gumbo weather! Here’s what you need to know about the state’s favorite soup.
Cajun Jambalaya Recipe
Chef Patrick Mould shares a favorite recipe: pork and sausage jambalaya.
Culinary Trail Signature Dish: Crab Cakes
Lots of places have crab cakes, but there are none better than the fresh, meaty, Cajun-spiced versions served in Louisiana.
Chunky Chocolate Walnut Bread Pudding with Kahlua Cream Sauce Recipe
Chef Patrick Mould shares his recipe for the classic Louisiana dessert: bread pudding.
World Championship Seafood Gumbo Recipe
World Championship Gumbo Cook-off Winning Recipe!
Louisiana Carryout - Local Products and Tasty Treats
Carry out a taste of Louisiana from each culinary region - these products make for tasty trip mementos.
Don't Miss Dishes - Bayou Bounty Trail
Classic Cajun cuisine is on the menu in the Acadiana cities along the Bayou Bounty trail.
Creole King Cake Ice Cream Recipe
Just in time for Mardi Gras, try this recipe for King Cake Ice Cream.
Crawfish Creola Recipe from Creola Café
Crawfish is highlighted in this simple but extremely flavorful recipe.
Louisiana Culinary Dictionary
The Bayou State’s flair for the exotic extends to its tongue-twisting menu of local dishes. Brush up on your Louisiana vocabulary with these ten culinary terms.
Crawfish Macaroni and Cheese Recipe
Turn your average macaroni and cheese into a mouth-watering Louisiana inspired dish!
Top Gumbo Festivals in Louisiana
See what's stirring at these events where hot pots of rich gumbo take center stage.
Eat Fresh In Louisiana – Follow Our Culinary Trails
The Louisiana Culinary Trails can guide you to some of the best food your taste buds will ever experience.
Louisiana Food Lovers' Bucket List
This is just a small sampling of the many iconic foods you'll have to try as you explore all five regions of Louisiana.
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5 Ways to Enjoy Crawfish
The Bayou Bounty, Seafood Sensation and Prairie Home Cooking trails are full of opportunities to taste and experience crawfish.
public://Cracklin on Cajun Food Tours_0.png
Seven Don't Miss Louisiana Food Tours
Taste so many different regional dishes on these foodie tours. Yum!
Chicken and Andouille Gumbo Recipe by Chef Patrick Mould
Try this recipe for gumbo from Chef Patrick Mould.
Culinary and Restaurant Experiences in Lafayette
Lafayette is in the heart of Cajun Country where seafood is king.
How to Make Roux
Roux may sound fancy but it's simple to make. Discover the different types of roux, how to cook a roux and watch the step by step instructional video.
Boudin King Cake
No such thing as too much King Cake—this savory style is sure to please a crowd!
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Recipe
Try this traditional chicken and sausage gumbo dish. Gumbo represents the cultural blending that makes the Bayou State so unique.
Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding Recipe
Classic bread pudding with some tasty additions.
Experience Louisiana's Culinary Trails
Pack up and head out for a tasty Louisiana road trip.
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
This Louisiana staple dish will make your tastebuds realize the real meaning of comfort food.
Country Pecan Pie Recipe
By Classic Golden Pecans
Summer Fun Along the Louisiana Culinary Trails
While the summer sun is high, carve out a little time to enjoy the best of Louisiana’s homegrown vegetables, cool desserts, fresh fish, and more.
Top Culinary and Restaurant Experiences in New Iberia Area
Fresh seafood, cajun staples, farmer's markets, rice mills and spice are just a few of the flavors to taste in the New Iberia area.
10 Must-Visit Louisiana Festivals
Are you ready to party Louisiana style? Then punch your ticket for these 10 fabulous fests and experience what we do best: food, music and rollicking good times!

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