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Tour the River Road and Capital for Plantations, Dining and Outdoor Fun Tour the River Road and Capital for Plantations, Dining and Outdoor Fun
Follow the Mississippi River as it flows through Baton Rouge and the heart of Plantation Country.
Louisiana Civil War Sites Louisiana Civil War Sites
Sites throughout Louisiana commemorate key Civil War events and honor sacrifices in the worst conflict the nation ever faced on its own soil.
Civil War Battle Re-lived in Jackson, Louisiana Civil War Battle Re-lived in Jackson, Louisiana
The Battle of Jackson plays out annually, more than a century after the original conflict, in a picturesque field outside of Jackson, Louisiana.
African-American Heritage Itinerary: Plantation Country African-American Heritage Itinerary: Plantation Country
Explore the African-American Heritage Trail in the Baton Rouge and St. Francisville Area with this itinerary of things to do.

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    City: Jackson
    1752 High St. Jackson, LA 70748
    East Feliciana Parish, the heart of English Louisiana's Plantation Country, is noted for the scenic beauty and historic landmarks. A legal, educational and commercial center in the days when cotton...
    City: Jackson
    2084 Hwy 10 Jackson, LA 70791
    Jackson La's best kept secret! With over 7600 Sq Ft of Antiques, collectables and Flea market goodies you are sure to find a deal.  We're located across from Jackson's historic state hospital...
    City: Jackson
    1740 Charter Street Jackson, LA 70748
    A recently renovated hotel, Circa 1935, featuring a New Orleans style courtyard with fountain, and a lobby showcased by a massive mahogany bar and a wrought iron spiral staircase and an imported...
    City: Jackson
    3522 College St. Jackson, LA 70748
    Tour the campus of the oldest Louisiana college. Large pines shade an 1837 barrack-style dorm, a late Victorian-style professor's home and a Civil War cemetery. Thurs-Sat, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    City: Jackson
    3045 Bank Street Jackson, LA 70748
    Exquisite antique furnishings (c. 1836). Suitable for meetings, functions, group tours. National Register of Historic Places. Gift shop, Restaurant on site.
    City: Jackson
    236 Hwy. 61 Jackson, LA 70748
    Port Hudson was the scene of the longest genuine siege in U.S. military history, lasting from May 23-July 9, 1863.  On May 27, two regiments of the Louisiana Native Guards demonstrated valiant...

Rolling hills around Jackson make for lovely scenic drives between historic sites in the area. Founded in 1815, the town was named for Andrew Jackson following his victory over the British at New Orleans at the end of the War of 1812. Jackson is said to have camped his Tennessee army contingents on Thompson Creek on his return from that battle. The Town of Jackson was the site of two Civil War battles fought in 1863 during the Union siege of Port Hudson. One of these battles is commemorated each year with the Battle of Jackson Crossroads reenactment. A wealth of 19th-century architecture helped Jackson become a National Historic District, making it a good place to browse and sightsee.

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