Oyster po' boy from Hot Tails in New Roads, Louisiana

#LetsMakePlans for a Louisiana Vacation

We all need something to look forward to again. And nothing is more exciting than planning that next perfect getaway. The one that can't get here soon enough. So when it's time for you and your loved ones, we'll be ready. Let's go there, together.

It’s time to feel that feeling once again. To experience new places and new things. To try new cuisines or tap your toe to a song you’ve never heard before. It’s time to finally make plans for that long-awaited trip. When you’re ready to take that first step, Louisiana will be here. Start by building a playlist or trying your hand at classic Louisiana recipes to get in the right mindset for your getaway. Then to get started with the initial planning, think about these trip ideas:

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Camping at Lake Bruin State Park

Go camping in Louisiana State Parks.

BBQ Shrimp at Hot Tails in New Roads, Louisiana

Taste Louisiana Seafood.

Kayaking at Chemin-A-Haut State Park

Paddle our trails.

Louisiana State Museum Cabildo

Stroll through history.

Plan your road trip itinerary

Whether you visit Louisiana’s booming cities or take the back roads to experience the charm of Louisiana’s quaint small towns, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Dine at world-renowned restaurants or hole-in-the-wall eateries, shop for handmade trinkets by local artists and experience each city and town’s distinctive culture and hidden treasures. Gather some trip ideas with this region-by-region virtual tour guide.

Pay a visit to a Louisiana State Museum

Immerse yourself in Louisiana’s arts and history at one of the nine state museums dotted across the state. From sports or Jazz to aviation or Mardi Gras – you’ll find a unique and fascinating exhibition for every topic of interest. Get familiar before you drop in with these virtual gallery tours and experiences.

Stay awhile at a Louisiana State Park

Breathe in that fresh Louisiana air in the great outdoors. Get in on the action and participate in water sports, cast a line, view Louisiana’s wildlife, trek through hiking trails and more. Louisiana’s state parks are the perfect spot for outdoor recreation. 8 of our Louisiana State Parks now offer Glamping, check out the details and book your tent here.

Indulge in the life-changing cuisine

We'd put money on you having the best meal of your life right here in Louisiana. From restaurants that have been serving up incredible meals for over 100 years to gas stations that have the best yam cake you'll ever eat, Louisiana has no shortage of meals that will leave their mark in your memory. We've got our fair share of craft breweries, distilleries and even a few wineries too! 

Immerse yourself in your surroundings

See the Bayou State from the Red River in the North to the mouth of the Mississippi River down South. Get up close and personal with our unique landscape on a swamp tour when you airboat, kayak or cruise through the Bayou. And with year-round hunting, fishing, golf and countless other opportunities for outdoor recreation, it is easy to see why Louisiana's nickname is "Sportsman's Paradise."

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these virtual experiences in Louisiana to get inspired for when you’re ready for the real thing, and request a free Louisiana Visitors Guide and see all that Louisiana has to offer. #LetsMakePlans