Enjoy the beauty of historic Natchitoches.

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Enjoy the beautiful Natchitoches Riverwalk Area downtown and overlooking Cane River Lake.

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Visit the Melrose Plantation in Cane River National Heritage area near Natchitoches.

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The Minor Basilica Immaculate Conception Church in Natchitoches.

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Laysone's Mini Meat Pies are a signature dish of the area. ©Chris Post

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Natchitoches embodies the spirit of southern hospitality beginning with its brick-lined main street along the Cane River.
In the bed and breakfast capital of Louisiana, you can rest assured that time will seem to stand still as you rock on a front porch, cool drink in hand. History whispers its gentle call through the branches of majestic oaks and noble pecan orchards. Like our younger cousin, New Orleans, we often greet you from wrought iron balconies.
The stories are significant and told through 32 historical sites, ranging from plantation tours and byway drives to a leisurely carriage ride and fort visits.
Adventure is also sure to be found in Natchitoches. You can cast a line, hike a trail in the Kisatchie Forest or paddle your way through Cane River, and as the sun dips behind our pine-covered hills, you’ll feel this is a Louisiana experience like no other. You would also be hard pressed to find a more picturesque college campus, and the students of NSU are quick to greet a visitor with a smile and maybe a tip or two on how to experience Natchitoches like a local.
For many our name brings to mind meat pies and Christmas lights but we are so much more. We are building and thriving, engaging with our citizens to create new experiences for them and those who come to visit (and want to stay).

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