Cypremort Point Paddling Trail No. 1

Type of Route

Between Grand Isle and Cameron, Cypremort Point is the only coastal area reachable by car. A half-mile stretch of a man-made beach provides a delightful area for relaxing, picnicking, fishing, crabbing, water skiing, sailing and enjoying sunsets. The 185-acre park will also appeal to nature enthusiasts. Located in the heart of a Louisiana marsh, the site contains an abundance of wildlife, from nutria, muskrats and alligators to many bird species. Deer, black bear, rabbits, opossum and red fox also make their home in this area. Cypremort Point Paddling Trail No. 1 is located in Vermilion Bay and Cote Blanche Bay. Paddlers can put in and take out at Cypremort Point State Park and at Burns Point. Novice paddlers can put in here to fish in secluded bayous; experienced paddlers can cross the bay to Burns Point. There, cypress and oak trees shade the quiet waters of East Cote Blanche Bay. Cabins and campsites are available in the park; campsites also are available at Burns Point. From I-10, exit onto U.S. 90 and head south to Highway 83; continue south and turn right onto Highway 319, following this road to the park. For more information visit Cypremort Point State Park's webiste.