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Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the streets of the French Quarter.

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Looking for the best tours in New Orleans? Here are a few great ways to see the city!

1. New Orleans History Tours

Rest assured, history sure isn't boring in New Orleans. Great fires, rapscallion characters, culture clashes and the city’s colorful past is all right in front of your eyes if you know where to look. That’s where New Orleans history tours come in handy, where knowledgeable guides reveal the stories you never knew existed behind the curves of a wrought-iron fence, around a bubbling courtyard fountain or along a hard-to-pronounce street name.

2. New Orleans Culinary Tours

New Orleanians will find a way to bring food into any activity — and culinary tours are no exception. Indulge in dishes from classic New Orleans restaurants while learning the history behind the cuisine. Looking to actually get into the kitchen? Try a hands-on approach at one of the city’s cooking schools, where you can discover the secrets behind New Orleans’ most famous dishes like barbecued shrimp, jambalaya and corn-and-crab bisque. Sure hope you're hungry!

3. New Orleans Cocktail Tours

New Orleans has a long lineage of libations, from the Sazerac to the French 75. Learn about the local cocktail culture and heritage on walking cocktail tours, where you’ll taste test alcoholic creations from the French Quarter’s best watering holes. Or go right to the source with a tour and tasting at Celebration Distillation, the oldest operating premium rum distillery in the United States.

4. Carriage Tours

Have you always wanted to ride with Aretha Franklin on a carriage tour through one of America’s greatest music cities? Now’s your chance. Oh, did we mention Aretha Franklin is the name of one of the beloved mules that draw the recognizable open-sided carriages through town? Still, you’re bound to enjoy the clip-clopping of hooves while meandering down cobblestone alleys as your driver narrates the sights of the French Quarter or Garden District. Arrange for pickup at your hotel, or head to the Decatur Street side of Jackson Square, where the carriages gather, and hop in.

5. Riverboat Tours

No, we’re not talking about a tacky booze cruise here. Step aboard the regal Creole Queen or Steamboat Natchez for an enchanting riverboat tours up the Mississippi River, accompanied by live music from the likes of the Dukes of Dixieland. Choose from a romantic evening with a dinner and jazz cruise, or experience riverfront history with the Chalmette Battlefield cruise, which disembarks at the site of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans and tours historical combat sites.

6. Ghost Tours

Get the chills on a nighttime ghost tour, where you’ll hear haunted stories and explore French Quarter locations known for their paranormal activity. Trying to find a genuine haunted house? Spot spooky apparitions at Mystère Mansion/Haunted Mortuary, a sprawling neoclassical mansion built in 1872 that boasts nine resident ghosts.

7. Cemetery Tours

Wander through historic cemeteries, where the city’s unique aboveground tombs, stone sarcophagi and massive headstones mark burial sites for New Orleans’ deceased. Book a cemetery tour to visit their graves and learn about the supernatural craft of voodoo, including its West African origins, Catholic influences and modern-day practices.

8. Architecture Tours

Admire the unique styles of building and houses as you explore the architecture of the "The Northernmost Caribbean City." With colorful houses, balconies overflowing with hanging plants and courtyards draped in wisteria, the unique architecture of New Orleans will draw you in. You'll find French, Caribbean, and Southern American influences mixed with blended architecture, making it a distinct style unique to New Orleans. The city has structures that range from modern to the late Colonial Era, which will weave history and culture into your architecture tour

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