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You will find much to see along this ride through a unique area of New Orleans, but you must use caution in the city traffic.

Esplanade Avenue is part of the oldest subdivision in the country, and you’ll enjoy the beautiful houses along this route. The ride takes you up Wisner Boulevard and along scenic Bayou St. John and City Park, and then along the shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

On the return route you can take Canal Boulevard through the lovely Lakeview area, then stop at the juncture with Canal Street and visit several of the famous, historic New Orleans cemeteries, which are clustered at the northern end of the streetcar line. Canal Street leads all the way down to the Mississippi River and back to the French Quarter.

Traffic could be heavy along portions of this route, but you will have an easier, quieter ride if you go on a Saturday or Sunday. Use extra caution along Esplanade Avenue as the street is narrow, and cars pack the parking lanes – be alert to car doors swinging open and cars pulling onto the street.