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Welcome to Louisiana Paddle

The landscapes of Louisiana are as diverse and exciting as the people who live here, and one of the best ways to explore the natural beauty is by water. You will find beautiful rivers, bayous, lakes, canals, reservoirs, ponds and marshes scattered throughout the state. These waterways afford excellent opportunities for canoeing or kayaking through our natural landscapes and learning about the native vegetation and wildlife as you go.

While this Web site does not attempt to show you every potential paddling area in the state - an impossible task - we offer a good sampling of the types of paddling venues to be found in various regions. Many of the routes follow gently flowing streams that offer multiple points of entry, so you can plan an easy tour of whatever length you wish. Other routes will take you into faster currents, or even open waters, that present a more challenging paddling experience.

Many of the routes are in Louisiana's beautiful state parks, where you may also find great hiking and biking trails, swimming areas, campgrounds or overnight accommodations, and a range of amenities. Some of these trails take you into protected wildlife areas where you are likely to see many birds, animals, reptiles and, of course, alligators.

Using our search engine, you can focus your ride in one of the main regions - Greater New Orleans, Cajun Country, Plantation Country, the Crossroads region or Sportsman's Paradise. Or, you can select the type of waterway and skill level you prefer, and we will show you the choices available.

Wherever you go, please be aware of and follow our guidelines for safe paddling. We invite you to enjoy our many landscapes as you discover the pleasures of paddling through Louisiana.