Poupart Bakery, Inc.


1902 W. Pinhook Rd.
Lafayette LA 70508

A real French bakery. Mr. Francois Poupart came to Louisiana in 1965 to work as a pastry chef after working in Paris, bringing his wife, Louise, with him. He soon discovered that his strong French accent was not a barrier in Cajun country, and was in fact appreciated and complimented. Francois and Louise quickly grew to love Acadiana and decided to settle here and raise a family. Today, Mr. Francois Poupart continues to work each day alongside his son, Patrick Poupart, and an incredible team of dedicated pastry chefs and staff members.

A visit to Poupart's will undoubtedly make you a lifelong patron. Whether you crave fresh breads, French pastries, hot corn and crab bisque or rum cake - there is something to satisfy even the pickiest gourmand!

And don't be afraid to flex your French-speaking tongue here: the staff and regular customers are delighted when someone new comes in with the greeting, "Bonjour." After all, good French pastries taste that much better when accompanied by a little French speaking.


Cuisine Served
  • French
Culinary Trails
  • Bayou Bounty