Pierre Part Paddling Trail

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NOTE: We received word that Landry's Landing may be closed. Contact the Cajun Coast Visitor & Convention Bureau at 800-256-2931 for more information.

John Landry’s Landing in Upper Pierre Part on Highway 70 is a good place to begin this trip. You can park near the boat launch. The bayou is narrow and scenic with low banks and connects into Bay Alcide, a shallow waterway (sometimes partially covered with duckweed). The bay narrows and leads into Bayou Alcide. If you choose to go to Lake Verret, continue on Bayou Alcide to Grand Bayou and on into the lake. From that point you can turn left along the edge of the lake to the Barking Dog Canal. Follow along the canal to the tree with the yellow mark, and then you have a choice of following the bayou, which leads back to Bayou Alcide, or taking the Grand Bayou back to the Texaco Canal. The basic round trip is 10 miles. It is not difficult to find a dry bank for a pit stop or lunch. To get to John Landry’s Boat Landing, from Morgan City, take Highway 70 to Belle River; as you cross the bridge over Belle River, it is exactly 8.0 miles to Landry’s Landing; turn right onto First Street. Coming from the east, (Donaldsonville, Sunshine Bridge) the landing is approximately 8.5 miles from the junction of Highway 70 and Highway 1. For more information see Cajun Coast Visitor & Convention Bureau at www.CajunCoast.com or call 800-256-2931.