D'Arbonne Bayou

Type of Route
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This 27-mile trip will take you along the bayou from Lake D'Arbonne to the Ouachita River. Launch at the Lake D'Arbonne Spillway (North) off of La. Hwy. 2.

Compass Coordinates:

Behind Spillway  32.7129/92.3388

Francis Creek  32.7001/92.2702

Rocky Branch 32.6786/92.2356

Lake Drain Road 32.6583/92.2409

Holland Bluff 32.6318/92.2136

Whites Ferry Ramp 32.5724/92154.6

Ouachita River 32.568/92.1445

Once beyond Rocky Branch you will enter the D'Arbonne Refuge. Find the map online for coves to explore. Sizeable alligator gar may shadow your boat. Before there were roads, this bayou was a transportation route for steamboats shipping goods and people to Monroe. 

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