Atchafalaya Basin Paddle Trail

Type of Route

The Atchafalaya Basin is the largest river swamp in the country. Referred to as "America's Foreign Country," the area is culturally rich with an ecologically varied region of rivers, bayous and swamps where fishing, boating and hunting opportunities abound. Over 85 species of fish, 200 species of birds, alligators and black bear share this unique ecosystem. The basin is bordered by levees and is approximately 150 miles in length, with its width varying along the course of the Atchafalaya river.


  • Atchafalaya Basin Levee (Ruiz Landing): Parish Rd. 305 - 30.027489, -91.566936
  • Atchafalaya Basin Levee (Sandy Cove): Parish Rd. 305 - 29.968440, -91.542007

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