Rusty Metoyer and The Zydeco Krush

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New Orleans LA 70112

Rusty Metoyer and The Zydeco Krush is a young, energetic Zydeco band from Lake Charles, LA.  They play everything from traditional Creole French songs to nouveau Zydeco music.  They offer a great show that is suitable for all ages and have been known to make a crowd move. 

The band is led by Rusty Metoyer, a young self-taught musician native to Lake Charles.  Rusty grew up with musical influences from some of his uncles as well as both of his grandfathers.  All were self taught musicians in Creole French, Zydeco, Jazz, & Blues.  Staying true to his roots, Rusty learned to play the accordion through the traditional style of French music, and he is passionate about keeping his Creole heritage alive. Rusty is self taught on other instruments as well, including drums, guitar, scrub board, and bass.  He has performed with various musicians, such as Lil Wayne & Same Ol' 2 Step, Step Rideau, Corey Ledet, Brian Jack, Brandon Ledet, Doghill Stompers, Cedryl Bellou, Jeremy Fruge, and many more.  He has released one solo album entitled "Take My Hand", and was featured on a group project with Andre Thierry, Sean Ardoin, Lawrence Ardoin, Ed Poullard, and Jeffery Broussard called "Creole United-Non Jamais Fait".  A 2nd solo album will be released in Feb 2015.

Rusty Metoyer and The Zydeco Krush has performed for local church functions, trail rides, festivals, private parties, family reunions, weddings, Mardi Gras celebrations, restaurants, clubs, frequently throughout Louisiana and Texas - California, Maryland, Virginia, Philly, New Jersey and New York.  They perform original songs as well as songs from popular musicians like Beau Jocque, Chris Ardoin, Keith Frank, Geno Delafose, John Delafose, and Boozoo Chavis.  They create a nice blend between old and new Zydeco music.

Rusty Metoyer and The Zydeco Krush is sure to have their audience dancing and passin' a good time!

*Rusty Metoyer and The Zydeco Krush has been selected to the 2013-2015 Louisiana Musicians Roster, through the Louisiana Division of Arts, Department of Cultural Development. 

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