The Mumbles


New Orleans LA 70112

THE MUMBLES are a tiny band with a mighty sound. Using two keyboards, drum kit, and a saxophone, they combine New Orleans funk and soul with old time jazz to create original "pop songs in the key of partying down" (Time Out New York). Keysman/songwriter Keith Burnstein and drummer Ethan Shorter met in the rhythm section of a 14 piece hip hop orchestra in New York City, soon striking out on their own in late 2006 to write tunes that would become Mumbles mainstays. As a duo, the boys distilled songs to their essence, delighting in a dynamic that "...marries the bedroom intimacy of a singer-songwriter, with the expansive musical prowess of a psych jazz outfit" (Seven Days Vermont). After the completion of their first record, Once Eponymous, in 2008, The Mumbles, toured the country on the heels of a national AAA radio campaign, with fine stations nationwide playing the disc in heavy rotation. Critics have called the break-out single, "Bite-Size (Brawn w/ Brio)", "Lounge music for the super-hip" (Roanoke Times) with a vibe that is "...equal parts Tom Waits gruffness and Woody Allen pathos" (The L Magazine).In late 2009, the boys recorded the "richly textured and vintage vibe" (Danbury Times) of Muddy Mantras, expanding both the scope of their sound as well as the geographic reach of their tours. The Muddy Mantras tour proved to be a key step in the band's evolution, as this was the first time that the still NYC-based Mumbles played in New Orleans. Although their first trip was brief, it made enough of an impression on Burnstein that he suggested that the duo pick up camp and move to the Crescent City.  Shorter, skeptical but with his interest piqued,  joked with his band mate, "We'll move when the (New Orleans) Saints win the Superbowl"!2300 miles and one Saints Superbowl win later, The Mumbles were New Orleans residents. In November 2010, they holed up in a recording studio with Pimps of Joytime's Brian J to record their first full-length album, Annunciation St , a record whose "mile wide hooks" (Offbeat)  "pack enough power to convince sane individuals that new music is still worth hearing." (High Country Press). The band is now proud to announce the release of their first live album, ...Last Night Wore the Crown,  which was recorded live at Tipitina's in February 2012. The record features their newest member, Ejric Bernhardt AKA Uncle Bernie on tenor sax and vocals, as well as local heavies, Brandon Tarricone and Wes Anderson, on guitar and trombone (respectively). LNWTC is currently available at shows only.

Tours: Nationally


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