Palo Alto Gun & Rod Club


Hwy 943 North
Donaldsonville LA 70346

Located on 50 acres in Ascension Parish, Palo Alto Rifle and Pistol Club is the premier private shooting club in the area.

The Club features 100 and 200 yard rifle ranges with covered slabs and concrete shooting benches, a 50 yard pistol/multi use range, a 25 yard multi-use range (uncovered), and a 600 yard range featuring elevating targets with pits, and firing points at 200, 300, 500 and 600 (covered) yards. There are also seven 25 yard pistol bays used for pistol competitions.

Competitions are held monthly in Mid-Range Prone/F-Class (600 yards), Across-the Course (200, 300, 600 yards), Bullseye Pistol (25/50 yards) and Field Precision Rifle/F-Class (600 yards).