Giles Island


449 Old River Boat Camp Road
Ferriday LA 71334

Steeped in the heritage of the Deep South, Giles Island is the perfect destination for your fair chase Trophy Whitetail excursion. The island supports a deer population of over 1,000, with a buck-to-doe ratio of one to one. An intense focus on wildlife management contributes to the quality of our Trophy bucks on Giles Island. The average buck weight is 200 pounds, with some bucks weighing in at 280 pounds. The average Trophy score on Giles Island ranges in the mid 140′s, with several bucks scoring over 170 inches.

With a total acreage of 9,400 and located only 15 minutes from Natchez, Mississippi, Giles Island is the perfect hunter's retreat. Giles Island offers a variety of hunting scenarios, from dense thickets to wide open fields. In addition to deer hunting, Giles Island offers turkey hunting, alligator hunting, and white perch and bass fishing.

Giles Island accommodations offer the ultimate luxurious escape after your day of exertion in the outdoors. Our spacious lodging options are fully air-conditioned and heated and offer full amenities and maid services.