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1419 S. Tyler St.,
Covington, PA 70433

Property Description

Visitors to the state often have health care needs that are extremely difficult to accommodate when they arise. Products like mobility devices (scooters, wheelchairs, canes, crutches), diabetic supplies, orthopedic supports & braces, compression therapy items, medical supplies and related health care items can be difficult to find, and extremely expensive when purchased through a traditional Medicare/Insurance-based dealer.


Egan Medical is retail-only, so it's prices are 1/2 to 1/4 the cost of the same exact products purchased through an entity which is contractually bound to charge cash-paying customers full-price relative to the entire Medicare or insurance reimbursements for those items. Since Medicare and insurance inject three-to-four middlemen in each and every transaction, the costs are prohibitive for anyone seeking to pay cash (as would be a tourist given the emphasis on timeliness and the inability to schedule and attend a doctor's visit, secure a prescription and navigate the paperwork required to bill third-party payers.


As evidenced by the advertised prices on its website, Egan Medical offers nearly every mobility and health care product a tourist could ever need on-the-fly due to unforeseen circumstances for a mere fraction of what the same products cost at nearly every other medical equipment/supply company. Without a doubt, Egan is far more equipped to service the needs of tourists than any traditional DME company.


While not a traditional "tourism" business, it would be unfortunate to overlook the value present in having online resources directing tourists to the most appropriate medical equipment/supply vendor given the fact that things happen, people get hurt, problems arise and inevitably so do needs for these products by the very people who fuel Louisiana's tourist economy.


Discount code LTGOV-15 (all caps if entered online) is valid for an across-the-board 15% discount on every Egan Medical product. As always, in-store pickup is always available as a same-day option, and shipping is always free for Louisiana residents and now tourists.