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3607 Magazine St,
New Orleans, LA 70115

Property Description

Aromatherapy is much more than simply subjecting a client to a series of different smells. Perhaps it is because of the word “aroma” therapy that some people think that the healing claims about the oils only relate to the scent. In fact, some practitioners prefer to call the oils “essential” oils rather than “aromatherapy” oils as it is the plant essence that is used in the treatment rather than just the scent. Although each oil does have its own unique and individual smell, some flowery and pleasant (ylang-ylang, lavender), some menthol (eucalyptus, peppermint), some woody (sandalwood, cedarwood) and other sharp and refreshing (lime, grapefruit), this aroma and its effect on the limbic part of our brain is only a part of the therapeutic power of the oils.


On Magazine Street between Louisiana Avenue and Napoleon Avenue

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