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April 19th, 2019
New Orleans Jazz Museum
400 Esplanade Ave,
New Orleans, LA 70116

New Orleans Jazz Museum

This retreat is based on the premise that sound vibrations influence how we experience and communicate with the world around us.  Music, Yoga and Meditation provide us powerful and impactful ways to align and communicate with our self and our environments.


The program will begin with an opening concert by local New Orleans jazz musicians.  We then embark on a journey of exploration and healing  fusing the vibrations of sound, yoga and meditation accompanied by live music.


In the spirit of community, as you experience the vibration of live music, Brahmani Liebman and Jashoda Edmunds will interweave and guide you in the practices of Yin and gentle active Yoga, meditation, pranayama, dharma teachings and psycho-spiritual inquiry.


During this contemplative time of music & compassionate exploration you will:


-Explore your connection to sound and its capacity to heal.  

-Experience how sound combined with movement holds the potential to bring you to a place of balance. 

-Have the possibility to access and recognize your innate peace and wisdom that is available regardless of any circumstances.  

-Discover how the insights and wisdom from the practice can be used as allies in every moment.   


This human life inevitably requires us to navigate through the 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows.  All of the practices and teachings provide us with a path to find our way back home. 


Brahmani and Jashoda love teaching together, interweaving Buddhist and Yogic perspectives with joy and lightness.

Event Category
  • Cultural Event
  • Music Event