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6809 N Peter Street,
Arabi, LA 70032

Property Description

Like the cypress trees that envelope South Louisiana, 40 Arpent Brewing Company has grown from humble, bayou roots. It all began with Michael Naquin, 40 Arpent's Houma-born founder. His childhood experiences of trolling with his Dad, knee-boarding in the 40 Arpent Canal, and watching his older brother experiment with a homebrewing kit, have influenced every aspect of 40 Arpent. In fact, the first microbrewed beer that Michael ever tasted was brewed by his older brother. In 2000, Michael left the bayou and settled in the Mid City area of New Orleans-four blocks from Acadian Brewing Co.. It was at that time, during a visit to Acadian Brewing Co., that Michael's interest grew into an official love affair with craft of brewing beer. With leftovers from his brother's kit and new supplies from Elvis at Brew-Ha-Ha, Michael created his first two flagship beers: an Irish Red Bean Ale and a Milk Stout.

With his first two beers in hand, and his wife-turned-brew-muse at his side, Michael dove head first into learning all he could about brewing beer. He spent time in Asheville, N.C. where the craft brewing industry was thriving. Then he returned to New Orleans to work as an apprentice to Patrick O'Neil at Zea Bar and Grill and Tom Conklin at Crescent City Brewhouse, and then as a contractor at NOLA Brewing Co. After dedicating years to learning everything he could about craft brewing, Michael decided that he was equipped with the tools and experience he needed to finally turn his dream into a reality; and, in 2011, he founded the 40 Arpent Brewing Co..