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615 Bourbon Street,
New Orleans, LA 70130

Property Description

Spirits on Bourbon is in the heart of the French Quarter on the world-famous Bourbon Street! While it features a huge variety of specialty drinks, our fun and friendly staff will be happy to mix up anything you desire! In the kitchen, our menu boasts local favorites and has become well-known by the locals for our Gumbo!


A stop at Spirits isn't complete without a shot on Edwards Barber Chair! Why a barber chair? Spirits was formerly owned by Edward DeBoire who was a barber and had a rather successful business here. In true Bourbon Street spirit, he was known for letting his customers enjoy beer (home-made) during their hair cuts! It became known locally as Barber Beer and is still sold today! You'll love the taste of this 'beer' which isn't beer at all! Unfortunately, the free flowing drinks and beautiful Creole ladies called to Edward in a most unnatural way! He met a rather tragic death at only 33 years old. It is said that his spirit still enjoys our French Quarter night life.


In fact, what is now our stage was where his barber chair stood. It was clear when the stage was erected that Edward did not appreciate our having changed his space, and began causing havoc on our bands. To passify him, we had custom made dueling piano's built as this was his favorite instrument and he considered himself quite the pianist (though we have never found any evidence that he actually played)! You are free to sit and enjoy the nightly music and spirits with Edward! We later added the Barber Chair as a fun way to pay homage to Edward in a way that we thought he would appreciate! Make sure you take a shot...but don't be surprised when you get home and look at your photo's and find strange shadows or orbs in the background!


Naturally, at Spirits you will find our featured drink, the Resurrection, will haunt you for more...but careful, it has a kick! Spirits on Bourbon anticipates that it will be featured on the Nation-wide television show "Bar Rescue" for Season Three! Follow our Facebook Page and stay updated on the many goings on at Spirits! We encourage you to share your story....especially if you find Edward joining you for the night!