Aashish Khan and Shringar


Old US Mint 400 Esplanade ave
New Orleans LA 70116

Aashish gave his first public performance at the age of 13, with his grandfather, on the All India Radio National Program along with Pandit Kanthe Maharaj on Tabla, in New Delhi. In that same year, 1953, he performed with his father and grandfather at the Tansen Music Conference, Calcutta. In 1961, he accompanied his father Ustad Ali Akbar Khan as a representative by the Government of India to the East West Music Encounter in Tokyo, Japan. In 1967 he played a Sarode duet with his father at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, for an audience of over 20,000 people and gained acclaim. Since then, he has performed throughout India and the world, not only with his father but also as a soloist in his own right. Besides his virtuosity as a traditional sarodist, for which he was recognized in 1996 with the "Best Sarode Player" award from the All India Critics Association of India, he is considered to be one of the most distinguished musicians of the Seniya Beenkar and Seniya Rababiya Gharana and a music teacher throughout India and the world.

 Shringar is a special project featuring Tim Green on saxophone, Andrew Mclean and Aashish in a musical dialogue with other bandmembers rounding out the sound.