Lake Arthur in Louisiana

Crowdriff Stories

Benefit your marketing plan with the power of visual inspiration.

LOT has invested with CrowdRiff at an enterprise level to bring the CrowdRiff Story Network to the entire Louisiana tourism industry.crowdriff story example
Every CVB and tourism board will have access to a proprietary story creator and player that will allow you to tell your destination story like never before.
These AMP stories can be distributed within web galleries on your site and on
Additionally, they are discoverable on the first page of Google search through new "Visual Stories" results. AMP stories can also be syndicated across Facebook and Instagram Stories.
The Crowdriff Story Network will enable Louisiana to work strategically with Business Partners, Local Businesses and Locals on content creation. This means that Louisiana's marketing will weave the fabric of the community into its visuals and put their stories in the spotlight.

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Louisiana Story Network