Sunshine Plan Media Options

Advertising Co-Op Opportunities

Double your ad dollars through the Louisiana Office of Tourism.

Advertise your city or parish nationally, regionally or across the state in major media outlets and websites, with Louisiana Office of Tourism (LOT) doubling CVB investments. 

Louisiana Office of Tourism (LOT) offers two advertising programs for CVBs focused on driving tourists from around the U.S. to Louisiana. These programs are of particular importance as we navigate through the impacts of COVID-19.

The programs are available to only CVBs and tourist commissions. 

These programs will be open for reservation Dec. 1 – Dec. 15, 2020.


LOT Media Campaigns 

Buy into an existing LOT media buy and leverage the State’s investment to further your own impact.
These are offered within the state, regionally and nationally. 

Upon request, LOT can provide creative support for digital assets to be utilized with LOT Media Campaigns.


Build-Your-Own Campaign

This plan allows for the CVBs to customize a media plan controlling timing, duration, geography and media type.  


In both programs, LOT will double the CVB's investment. 


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