Ripp's Inland Charters


4811 Privateer Blvd.
Barataria LA 70036

Starting at safe light, your adventure begins by cruising down the bayou. Along the way, Ripp shares some of the folklore and history of the people, pirates and Cajuns who have lived here for over 250 years.

Ripp is a lifelong resident of Lafitte, the bayou town 45 minutes south of New Orleans named after the pirate Jean Lafitte. Here, a maze of waterways connects the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. In between are marshes, swamps, ponds and canals teeming with sealife feeding in these nutrient rich waters.

Ripp specializes in fishing Speckled Trout & Redfish with light tackle. A day on one of his charters is a sure fire recipe for fast action and lots of excitement. All you need to do is dress casually and comfortably, relax, and bring a big ice chest with what you like to eat and drink (big because all fish caught are yours).

In fact, Ripp expertly cleans, filets, and bags your catch as well.

Ripp is a Coast Guard licensed captain whose charters are popular with people from all walks of life. Don't be surprised to find a local or national sports writer, media personality, or corporate head among the guests each week. 


General Information
  • Family Friendly
Type of Fishing
  • Fishing Charter
  • Freshwater
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