Hunting Red Fishing Charters LLC


976 Four Points Road
Dulac LA 70353

Hunting Red Fishing Charters specializes in sight fishing Redfish. We also go after other inshore species such as Speckle Trout, Flounder and Black Drum. 

At Hunting Red Fishing Charters LLC we do our best to give our clients a most memorable day on the water. Engulf yourself into the Cajun culture where fishing and living off the natural resources that abound this area are a way of life.

The camp comfortably sleeps 7 in their own bed and is fully equipped with a full kitchen, T.V. and internet as well as washer and dryer.

Arrangements are available for a Cajun boil of shrimp, crawfish, or crabs, and the fixings of whatever is in season.


Type of Fishing
  • Fishing Charter