Pitch Perfect

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Pitch Perfect promotional film poster

Pitch Perfect

Cast of Pitch Perfect walking through LSU campus quad.

Pitch Perfect

Louisiana State University dressed as Barden University for filming of Pitch Perfect

LSU alumni will recognize the campus in Pitch Perfect, as the movie and its first sequel were filmed in Baton Rouge. The next time you’re in town, whether for a game or to just hang out, get you’re a capella on and test out the acoustics at the Greek Theatre, or stroll through the parade ground in front of the Student Union, where an impromptu game of Quidditch (yes, that Harry Potter sport) broke out during filming.

And a bit of trivia…that burrito that Bumper (Adam Devine) flings at Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson)? That’s an actual burrito from a local restaurant – Zippy’s – specializing in Tex-Mex favorites and frozen margaritas.


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