Don't Miss Dishes - Seafood Sensation Trail

Fresh from the dock seafood is center plate on the Seafood Sensation Trail.

Boiled, fried, or blackened, if it swims in the water or on the water, you'll find it served on the Seafood Sensation trail.

Suire’s Grocery & RestaurantKaplan

Things are not always as they seem, especially when it comes to venues for food. With the look and price range of a grocery store, Suire’s might seem like your ordinary food joint, but its selection of fresh seafood dishes will prove otherwise. Suire’s turtle sauce piquante, with chunks of turtle meat and rice in a flavorful red sauce, truly delivers the old-fashioned taste of the Louisiana countryside.

Dupuy’s Oyster ShopAbbeville

Open as an oyster shop since day one in the 1800s, you can imagine Dupuy’s takes oysters very seriously. And they do. The menu offers a vast selection of oysters in about any fashion there is, from grilled to raw to the signature Dupuy’s style. Order them in any way – or better yet the oyster sampler – and indulge with these treats on the shell!

Villager’s CaféMaurice

Ask any local in Maurice and the surrounding area for a great po’ boy joint and they will likely point you to Villager’s Café. The menu offers many options, from shrimp to pot roast and even fried steak, but each and every po’ boy comes warm and stuffed to the max inside toasted Langlinais French bread that has crunchy crust but still stays soft and rich. 

Darrell’s, Lake Charles

Right in the heart of Lake Charles is Darrell’s, a bar and grill loved by locals and visitors alike. Among po’boy offerings such as turkey, shrimp and BBQ brisket is the Darrell’s Special, featuring a trio of ham, turkey and roast beefwith roast beef gravy, of coursetopped with melting American, Swiss and provolone cheeses. And be sure to ask for the jalapeño mayonnaise.

Steamboat Bill’s on the LakeLake Charles

Much like its name suggests, Steamboat Bill’s in Lake Charles delivers seafood delicacies as though you were enjoying a fresh catch from a boat. This is a must-visit spot during crawfish season, when you can enjoy the unique Louisiana treat at its finest, with plump and juicy crawfish that are seasoned just right with the restaurant’s signature spice mix.

LeBleu’s LandingLake Charles

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach with Louisiana food, you will be in for a treat at LeBleu’s Landing. The venue offers not only a wide variety of Cajun meats, sausages and seasoning, but also something few other places could boast: a view area where patrons can watch LeBleu’s boudin in the making! Grab a couple links while you’re there!

Mike’s Seafood & SteakhouseJennings

Fried duck breast isn’t a featured item on menus very often, but when in Jennings, Louisiana it is a good sign of a great place to stop for a bite. Mike’s Seafood & Steakhouse has a crispy fried duck breast on their appetizer menu and it is the real deal. Steaks and fried seafood abound at this restaurant, but you can’t go wrong with a cup of shrimp and okra or shrimp and crab gumbo to help wash that duck breast down.

Regatta LA Seafood & SteakhouseLake Arthur

Located on the water with outside seating and live band performances, Regatta in Lake Arthur gives an all-around Louisiana experience, complete with great food and a fun atmosphere. Capitalizing on the area’s flair as a duck flyway, the restaurant’s signature dish blends sweet and savory with half a duck cooked until crispy and glazed with cane syrup. Don’t miss it!

Daigle’s Sausage KitchenWelsh

Next to being home to unique world-class cuisine, Louisiana is also a sportsman’s paradise. Daigle’s Sausage Kitchen in Welsh proves both tittles fit the state just right. The venue specializes in specialty meat cuts and also simply delicious home cooking. Their different daily lunch plates offer a hearty portion of meat, ranging from seafood to pork chop and even beef tongue! If you’re ever luck enough to see the rabbit in brown gravy, don’t hesitate for one second!