Don't Miss Dishes - Prairie Home Cooking Trail

The French influence is apparent in the cuisine on the Prairie Home Cooking trail in St. Landry Parish.

Cajun Crab Cakes

Whether you order coffee and beignets or crab cakes at Little Big Cup in Arnaudville, you won't be disappointed.

Come and enjoy smoked meats and plate lunches on the Prairie Home Cooking trail.

The Little Big CupArnaudville

The Little Big Cup, opened in 2012 in the French-speaking community of Arnaudville is definitely a spot worth dropping by. Whether you’re looking for a hot cup of coffee, some beignets or a fried oyster po’ boy, this little stop on the banks of historic Bayou Teche will have just what you’re looking for!


Ray’s BakeryEunice

For many in Eunice and the surrounding area, Ray’s Bakery is the preferred remedy for their sweet tooth. One of the many offers here is what many have dubbed “the best donuts in Louisiana,” a title that fits just right for this sweet, delicate, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. They also have an array of seasonal cookies and other treats to make your day that much sweeter!

The Palace CaféOpelousas

Sometimes the charm of a restaurant lies in how much it makes patrons feel like they are at home. The Palace Café in Opelousas can do just that. Delve into a warm, hearty bowl of gumbo among the welcoming staff and in the venue full of history. You’ll feel as if you are dining at a relative’s dinner table, enjoying a home-cooked meal as someone recounts the family’s stories.

Soileau’s Dinner ClubOpelousas

Having kept their door open since the 1930s, Soileau’s offers a big menu of Cajun classics. From fresh seafood to traditional Louisiana fried delicacies, adding some spice and packing it all in a generous helping, the dinner club is a Cajun legacy in Opelousas. One of their signature dishes, the Catfish Opelousas, has crab meat stuffed in catfish, all dressed in a sauce resembling crawfish etouffee!

Billy Ray’s BoudinOpelousas

The only thing that could possibly be better than boudin is boudin with crawfish. And Billy Ray’s has just the solution! Also called Ray’s Groceries, this is your stop in Opelousas for boudin and cracklins. Try both boudin varieties, Billy’s recipe and Ray’s recipe, and see which sooths your Cajun craving. Just beware: they both pack some heat!

Billy’s DinerKrotz Springs

Good food doesn’t always come from high-end, fancy restaurants. One perfect example is Billy’s Diner in Krotz Springs which does immense justice for all small casual food venues. The diner’s small size translates to huge flavor. Spicy boudin balls and juicy burgers will satisfy any traveler’s hunger.