Don't Miss Dishes - Capital Cravings Trail

From Tigertown casual classics to Creole fine dining, the Capital Cravings trail will satisfy every appetite.

Ragin Cajun Roll at Tsunami Sushi Baton Rouge

The Ragin Cajun roll at Tsunami Sushi in Baton Rouge features fried Louisiana gator.

Louisiana's capital city, Baton Rouge, is at the heart of the Capital Cravings trail. 

Looking to dine like a local?  Here are a few don't miss dishes that locals love.


Situated on the rooftop of the Shaw Center of the Arts downtown, Tsunami provides the unique experience of sushi dining while overlooking the Mississippi River that no visitor to Baton Rouge should miss. The view at sunset is spectacular, although the relaxed ambience here also makes for a perfect getaway lunch spot. For a little Louisiana flair, try the Zack Special with tempura Louisiana shrimp or Ragin’ Cajun Roll with panko fried alligator!

Juban’s Restaurant

If you are looking for classic Creole fine dining experience in Baton Rouge, Juban’s is sure to satisfy as well as impress. The menu includes a wide range of New Orleans-inspired surf and turf. And while fried soft-shelled crab is always delicious, the Hallelujah Crab here takes it to a different level of indulgence by adding crawfish tails, shrimp, and crab meat stuffing then topping it all off with Creolaise sauce.

The Little Village

Little Village is a local Baton Rouge spot to check out for those Italian cravings. Make sure to order their Village Bread. It will be the highlight your visit once the bread arrives at your table warm and extra soft, topped with parmesan cheese and a good amount of olive oil as any quality Italian dish would have. And there’s still an olive spread on the side!


You cannot talk about burgers and poboys in Baton Rouge without mentioning George’s. Their selection, ranging from seafood to deli meat for poboys and including a vegetarian option for burgers, has been selected among the city’s best eats more than once. And don't pass on the onion rings. The portions are generous, too, so you will leave with both your taste buds and your appetite pleasantly satisfied.


Although every restaurant naturally identifies its locale in some way, Beausoleil takes a step further in representing Baton Rouge and Louisiana through sourcing local products and putting creative twists on classic dishes. The fried oyster salad with tasso cane syrup vinaigrette, featuring Louisiana’s beloved fried oyster and the Cajun ham tasso, balances healthy and satisfying to create a fresh feast as unique as the restaurant itself.

Mansurs on the Boulevard

Crab is among the most delicious blessings that Louisiana receives from the Gulf, and Mansurs in Baton Rouge knows just how to embrace this gift. Their signature cream of brie and crabmeat soup features thick lumps of crabmeat in an ample amount of fresh, melted brie cheese to create a rich, creamy bowl of delight that is much more than the sum of its parts.

Chimes Restaurant

More than a restaurant, Chimes has long been a Baton Rouge tradition that locals hold dear. From seafood platters to gumbo and po' boys, the menu gives a well-rounded taste of Louisiana cuisine at the north gates of LSU’s campus. The Chimes is also well-known for its good selection of local and international beer. And there are Happy Hour specials every day for both bite and booze, like oysters on the half shell every Tuesday!

Louie’s Café

Open 24 hours, Louie’s Café has been welcoming guests since 1941 with the old-school diner ambience and comfort food. On any late night in Baton Rouge, treat yourself to one of their signature omelets, like the Seafood Louie with shrimp, crawfish, and herbed cream sauce, or the famous “Veggie” with 10 different vegetables. The Mitchell throws their famous hash browns into the mix. Delving into a warm, hearty omelet at odd hours is a unique beauty to embrace at this diner.