Violet is a small community on the eastern outskirts of New Orleans, just a few miles from the sights and sounds of the French Quarter.

The area where Violet was founded was once part of Livaudais Plantation. This entire stretch of highway runs through what used to be sugar plantations. In fact, you can still see remnants of Violet's plantation past when driving down St. Bernard Highway; check out the oak-lined thoroughfares that were once part of these opulent agricultural operations. As for the city's name, in the mid-1800s, when lawyer Albert Covington Janin began promoting a saltwater canal cutting through the village that would eventually become Violet, he named it after his wife, Violet Blair Janin.

These days, Violet is perhaps best known as the gateway to St. Bernard State Park. This nature preserve features wetlands and woodlands, a campground and water park. It's a great getaway for visitors who want to experience south Louisiana's great outdoors, with the convenience of being less than a half-hour drive from New Orleans.