Lockport is a small Cajun Country town in Lafourche Parish. It's located on Highway 1, the main thoroughfare linking Louisiana's capital (Baton Rouge) with the beaches of Grand Isle.

Lockport was originally named Longueville, which itself was named for the long strip of land that the city was planned to be developed on. The name Lockport came about in 1899, about 50 years after a canal was constructed linking the village with the Mississippi River. Lockport's name refers to the series of locks on the canal that allowed riverboats to move between Bayou Lafourche and the Mississippi.

Being a fishing village that was named for its connection to the water, it's natural that the Center for Traditional Louisiana Boat Building would be located in Lockport. At the museum, visitors learn how traditional Cajun boats were constructed, including the iconic pirogue boats and flat-bottomed vessels (called putt-putts) that long ago were found throughout the waters of Cajun Country bayous.