Lecompte is a small town in central Louisiana (a region known locally as CenLa) that serves as a pleasant stop off I-49 between the north-central cities of Shreveport, Natchitoches and Alexandria, and the southern cities of Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Lecompte was named after a prize-winning race horse that was owned by prominent local landowners the Wells family, whose descendant, James Madison Wells, was the 20th governor of Louisiana (from 1865-1867). The horse itself was named for a Wells family friend and horse breeder named Ambrose LeComte (the "p" was added to the town's name later).

Today, Lecompte is perhaps best known for Lea's Lunchroom. This old-school restaurant has been serving up traditional Louisiana cuisine since its doors opened in 1928. Not to miss: Lea's apple, peach, pecan and meringue pies, which have made the diner a must-stop for travelers through the state's heartland.

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