Share This:’s most popular blog posts are a great representation of the Bayou State. These ten stories have the most number of page views over the past 12 months, and our cuisine, holidays, storied past and natural beauty all make an appearance, from the northern border all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. Let’s count them down:

#10: 8 Reasons to #TakeADay Off in Louisiana

Deep Sea Fishing in Louisiana is just another reason to take your vacation days.

A great way to begin, this list showcases the variety and affordability of a trip to Louisiana. Let it inspire vacation ideas throughout the state–whether a day-long road trip with your friends or an adventurous week with the kids.




#9: It's Gumbo Season in Louisiana

Gumbo in Louisiana
Ah, gumbo—a delicious dish often used as a metaphor to describe Louisiana’s mix of cultures and influences. Click the link for a primer on this must-taste meal as well as its ingredients and variations.

8: Seven True Detective Filming Locations to Visit

Locations of True Detective TV series filmed in Louisiana

This entertaining post from our friends in Lake Charles gives an overview of local settings featured in the first season of the popular HBO show “True Detectives.” Make these stops part of a scenic and delicious road trip though western and central Louisiana.

#7: Louisiana's Spooky Side

The Myrtles Plantation

Some people may be wary of haunted houses, but for others, it’s a must-do on their bucket list. Louisiana’s ghost stories represent some of the state’s fascinating and sometimes notorious history, and these spooky sites are all worth a visit.

#6: Before You Arrive: Learn the Local Lingo

New Iberia's tri-language street signs

When I was younger I thought “y’all” was the only word my out-of-state cousins would find odd, until I realized that few people outside Louisiana knew what I meant when I said lagniappe, or that parish meant county or that my dad’s wooden boat was a pirogue, not a canoe.

#5: Hiking Driskill Mountain, Louisiana’s Highest Elevation

Driskill Mountain is the highest elevation in Louisiana.

Seeing a post about a mountain was a bit surprising–Louisiana’s largest city is below sea level–but a trip to Driskill takes you through a beautiful part of the state. After re-reading my colleague’s post, I added this to my own Louisiana to-do list!

#4: Stimulating the Sight and Smell: Louisiana's Botanical Gardens

R.W. Norton Art Gallery Gardens

Ideal for planning a springtime Louisiana getaway, these botanical gardens are guaranteed to provide you with an afternoon (or twelve!) of basking in the blooms and frolicking in the flora. I’m partial to the azaleas myself.

#3: Tales of the Tail: Louisiana's Crawfish History

Boiled crawfish in Louisiana

A seasonal and local rarity, crawfish always get attention–from visitors and locals alike. Nothing better says “Louisiana” than a good time gathered with friends, and crawfish is the perfect centerpiece.

#2: Four Must-Visit Places for Duck Dynasty Fans

Duck Commander Buck Commander Headquarters

The TV show Duck Dynasty began enthralling TV-watching America in 2012 and brought north Louisiana into the national spotlight. If you’re a fan, a trip to Monroe-West Monroe is in order, and there’s plenty more to eat, see and do on your visit.

#1: A Louisiana Christmas Tradition: Bonfires on the Levee

Christmas bonfires on the levee in Louisiana

See what makes a Louisiana Christmas so special. These bonfires, occurring along the Mississippi River in the New Orleans Plantation Country area, are an incredible sight and the Cajun way to guide Papa Noel to those good little boys and girls.

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