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Scarlet Tanager Bird Grand Isle, Louisiana ©Natalie Waters

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Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival ©Natalie Waters

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Blue Heron Louisiana Birding ©Candice Head

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Great Egret, Louisiana Birding ©Gary Meyers

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Spoonbills-Louisiana-Birding ©Gary Meyers

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Least-Bittern-Louisiana-Birding ©Thomas Finnie

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Did you know Louisiana is a veritable hotspot for birds and therefore birders and bird enthusiasts? Grand Isle, Louisiana in Jefferson Parish is particularly famous for its bird-watching opportunities and springtime just so happens to be the perfect time to keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to spot or hear some of our feathered friends. This year, Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island is hosting the 20th Annual Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival on April 20-22. Whether you’re an expert ornithophile and or a novice needing to break in your binoculars, this is the perfect opportunity to spot flocks taking a much-needed rest on their way back from wintering in South and Central America.  


Share photos with #OnlyLouisiana on your social channels, we'd love to see which birds you spotted throughout your travels in the Pelican State!  

Posted: Thu, 04/12/2018