Outdoor Adventures Near Poverty Point World Heritage Site

Summertime is here and nature is calling!

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We’re a merry band of crawfish eating, brass band loving, Bayou State traveling, king cake connoisseurs. Read along and share our joie de vivre for Sportsman’s Paradise.

Mounds at Poverty Point World Heritage SiteSummertime is the perfect season for heading outdoors to enjoy nature. Looking for breathtaking views and outdoor adventures off the beaten path? Look no further than Poverty Point World Heritage Site in Northeast Louisiana. Perfect for an outdoor weekend escape, we’ve gathered the most picturesque places in Northeast Louisiana for you to pass a good time. 

Poverty Point Trail 

The first stop on your weekend trip is Poverty Point! Poverty Point is comprised of mounds that were built by ancient peoples living in the area before the Egyptian Pyramids were built. Tours of the mounds are available by tram, but we recommend hiking the trail! 

Top of the Mound 

Once you’ve climbed all the stairs and reached the top of the mound, you’ll have much different perspective. Snap a pic to commemorate your accomplishment. If Black Bear Golf Club in Monroe Louisianayou’ve got a drone, an overhead shot of the mounds shows the bird-shaped layout of the area! Archaeologists have different opinions on why the mounds are arranged. For more insight into the lives of these ancient peoples, visit the museum on the grounds.

Golf at Black Bear Golf Course

Another great way to enjoy the day is to tee off at Black Bear Golf Club. As you play your way through the course, be on the lookout for some furry players. That’s right, bears have been known to join in on the golfing fun! Even if you don’t see a bear, you’ve still got a front-row seat to some scenic views. 

Fishing on Poverty Point Reservoir State Park in LouisianaFishing and Catching a Sunset over Poverty Point State Park Reservoir’s Cabins

Spend the day on a boat trying your hand at catching some fish on Poverty Point State Park Reservoir. With catfish, bream, bass, and white perch, you can cast a line for a variety of fish. The finale of your trip will be a magical sunset and some lakefront porch sitting. 

Whether you fish, hike or golf, Northeast Louisiana has the most beautiful backdrop to enjoy the summer fun. Add these activities to your itinerary and share your photogenic adventures using #OnlyLouisiana!