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Oyster Dressing

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Crawfish Mac-n-cheese

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Rum Pound Cake ©Louisiana Cookin' Magazine

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Louisiana Pecan Pie ©Flickr/MuseintheCity

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There are a plethora of ways to feed your soul in Louisiana year-round. However, when it comes to the holidays, there’s no better way to feed your soul by enjoying Louisiana cuisine with your family. We’ve gathered some of our best-loved recipes from to help you celebrate this fall holiday season with a Louisiana spin on drool-worthy Thanksgiving dishes. 
To kick things off, boudin balls are always a good idea when feeding a large, hungry crowd. Try your hand at making your own with our boudin ball recipe. If you don’t have time to make them from scratch, check out our guide to the best boudin in Louisiana, or follow the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail if you’re in the area. Another great option for staving off hunger while you wait for your guests to arrive is to make our Oysters Bienville recipe from Brigsten’s in New Orleans. A dozen is sure to disappear quickly, so be sure to double up!
While the guests snack on appetizers, it’s time to turn the focus onto preparing the main event: the turducken. Turduckens have only been on the holiday menu scene since the ‘80s and have already warmed the hearts (and stomachs) of countless Louisiana families. The original is believed to have originated in Maurice, Louisiana at Hebert’s Specialty Meats but was brought to fame on a national level by Chef Paul Prudhomme. To achieve a more subtle Louisiana take on a holiday classic, try swapping out regular root beer for Abita or Swamp Pop brand root beers to glaze the ham. Pair your masterpiece with an oyster dressing or a decadent take on crawfish macaroni and cheese for best results.
After the main course is finished, dazzle your guests with a rum-soaked pound cake (perhaps using one of the rums from Cane Land Distilling or Bayou Rum), a cream cheese and chocolate chip bread pudding or stick to the classics with a pecan pie featuring delicious New Roads pecans. 
The tasty Louisiana treats don’t have to end after the meal is over! Use your leftover turkey bones into a stock that’s perfect for turkey gumbo that’ll keep you warm through the new year. Be sure to tag your holiday culinary adventures with #OnlyLouisiana this holiday season!

Rosie Lawler
Author: Rosie Lawler
Posted: Wed, 11/07/2018