Minden Gets an HGTV Makeover

Check out how two locals led the charge to have their community featured on a popular HGTV program.

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Minden HGTV

The charm of Minden, a Louisiana Main Street community, will be featured on an upcoming HGTV program.

The popular HGTV show "Home Town" has a new spin-off, and, thanks to the efforts of two friends, north Louisiana's small city of Minden will be getting national recognition.

When Minden locals Rachel Miller and Sara McDaniel heard that their favorite HGTV program was looking for new towns to work with, they knew they could not pass up this opportunity. "Rachel and I just felt there was an energy about Minden that was special," says Sara McDaniel. "When I was moving back to north Louisiana after living in Texas for some time, I had a list of everything I needed my town to be. I needed an older home with walkable amenities, to be near my family and an airport and to be in a safe community. Minden was the place that fit all of these requirements." That dedication to their town led neighbors Rachel and Sara to begin meeting at the local coffee shop, The Broken Bean, to discuss how they could bring life to the place they loved.

"The original spin-off of "Home Town" was called "Home Town Takeover." We submitted for that one, but ultimately the show went to Wetumpka, Alabama. But that was not going to stop us. We just knew that something big was coming," says Rachel Miller. The duo sprung into action when the open casting for the latest iteration, "Home Town Kickstart," was announced.


A local home, small business and community space will receive the HGTV treatment.

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Explore the historic downtown area in Minden.

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Discover unique German heritage in northern Louisiana.

"We basically spent a day driving all over Minden making our own TV show about why it would be the perfect location for this new project," says Sara. This time, their efforts paid off. HGTV decided the north Louisiana town would be one of six American localities to receive a kickstart to revitalization.

As part of the show, Minden will see renovations to the home of a local hero, a small business and a community space. These projects align perfectly with the efforts of this official Louisiana Main Street community. "My kids are going to be the sixth generation to live in Minden, so the roots are deep. I find myself focusing my thoughts outward and looking at what Minden really needs," says Rachel. "Now that we've brought a TV show to Minden, what do we do next? We are dedicated to continuing this trajectory," added Sara. And the two are definitely living up to this focus on what is next. Sara, for example, has recently partnered with Cottages and Bungalows Magazine and American Farmhouse Style Magazine to renovate a series of Spanish-style apartments into a boutique hotel in the heart of Minden's historic downtown.

Tune in to HGTV on Sunday, May 29 at 8 pm|7c for the premiere of the "Home Town Kickstart" episode "Making Over Minden." Check your local listings for additional showtimes and more details. Tap here for more information on visiting Minden.