Virtual Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off Extravaganza

Experience the sights and sounds of award-winning chefs preparing their dishes for the Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off.

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Chef Devan Giddix sautéing Louisiana blue crab.
Chef Devan Giddix sautéing Louisiana blue crab.
Chef Ryan Andre plating his dish.
Chef Ryan Andre plating his dish.
Fresh green beans with cracklin' crusted fish topped with lump crab

2017 Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off winning dish by Chef Bonnie Breaux

LASCO first place prize
Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off first place prize.

The Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off, or LASCO for short, features competing chefs cooking up what Louisiana does best—seafood. With an exciting lineup of chefs from restaurants across the state competing for the title of King or Queen of Louisiana Seafood, the event showcases a wide variety of Louisiana cooking, from classics such as crawfish etouffee to more adventurous takes on local fare - like cracklin-crusted red snapper with pickled crawfish tails from Chef Ryan Trahan, or crawfish and goat cheese king cake with cream cheese pepper jelly, crab fat and Cajun caviar from Chef Nathan Richard.  

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the 13th Annual Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off could not be held in person, but the Louisiana Seafood Board has decided to still highlight Louisiana’s great chefs and bring the competition to everyone around the state with the “[email protected]” Edition!

The main competition has been pre-recorded, with each chef assigned a time slot to prepare and cook their dish, then present it to three judges for scoring. Judges will score dishes on presentation, creativity, composition, craftsmanship, and flavor. Additionally, each dish will be prepared from a recipe which includes ingredients commonly found in grocery stores, and will include step-by-step instructions and “tips from the pros” on how to prepare the dish so viewers can recreate it in their own kitchens!

The preparation and cooking of each dish will be posted to the Louisiana Seafood website and Facebook page for everyone to view on Thursday, October 15, and “People’s Choice” voting will be open until Monday, October 27. Then on Wednesday, October 28, you can join the finale of the 2020 Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off “[email protected]” Edition online for the announcement the “People’s Choice” winner and the 2020 King or Queen of Louisiana Seafood.

Tune in to see local Louisiana chefs create a seafood dish that is fresh, delicious, and easy for you to create in your own kitchen, cheer on your favorite chef and watch the next King/Queen of Louisiana seafood be crowned from the comfort of your own home!

Allons manger (let’s eat)!