Kite Fest Louisiane

Come fly a kite at West Baton Rouge Parish's largest festival.

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Professionals and hobbyists come from around the U.S. to participate in Kite Fest Louisiane.

Springtime in Louisiana is known for crawfish boils, blooming azaleas and … gloriously flying kites! If that third item surprised you, it might be time to channel your inner Mary Poppins and come fly a kite at the 14th annual Kite Fest Louisiane, one of the state’s top festivals. The festival is West Baton Rouge Parish’s signature event and is occurring April 7 – 8 in the town of Port Allen, just a hop over the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge.

West Baton Rouge may be the smallest parish in the state, but it’s known as the Kite Capital of Louisiana for a good reason. Kite Fest Louisiane attracts professional kite fliers and hobbyists from all over the country and the world to showcase their skills and colorful sails of all shapes and sizes. During the day, visitors to this free, family-friendly event can take in the kite display, buy or make a kite of their own and sample Louisiana cuisine from a delicious variety of on-site vendors.

Kites vary from the traditional two-line, diamond-shaped icons to a huge 300-foot, flying octopus. Crowd favorites are the four-line—also known as quad-line—kites that allow their fliers to control them with precise movements. Groups preform choreographed kite ballets soaring, looping and diving in unison. One might even swoop down to tap you on the shoulder. In addition to the sky shows, kids enjoy the design-a-kite contest, giant bubbles from the Bubble Man, and the lure of a candy shower as a huge, candy-filled kite drops sweet treats as it flies overhead.

Once you arrive, be prepared to stay all day. These kites are a vision during the day and into the evening, when kites affixed with LED lights dance across the sky. You’ll love that the kids are spending a day outdoors, and they’ll love all the fun and memories to be made.

So, to recap: beautiful, colorful kites dance in the sky by day and night; delicious Louisiana cuisine prepared by friendly locals; an easy drive and no-stress parking; and it will literally rain candy. I don’t need to remind you that the event is free for it to seem like a downright delightful weekend. For more information on Kite Fest Louisiane, visit the West Baton Rouge Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website.