Hidden Treasures: Geocaching in Houma

geohouma 5.jpg

Enable your GPS and start searching for geocaching treasures in the Houma area.

When you were a kid, did you ever dream of being a pirate? To me, there was always something exciting about the search and discovery of treasure hunting. In the Houma area, you can experience the exhilaration of exploration with the high-tech treasure hunting game known as geocaching.

Getting Started: Geocaching uses GPS technology to bring you hidden boxes (caches) located in amazing locations. To participate, visit Geocaching.com and sign up for a free account. Once you’re in, you have access to the thousands of caches located throughout the world. Choose your first destination, navigate to the area, search for the hidden box, sign the enclosed log book and chat about your experience online with other geocachers. You can find geocaches throughout Louisiana, many in State Parks, and Houma hosts two series of cleverly hidden caches can take you on a Bayou Country adventure known as a GeoTour.

Get Outside: The first phase of the Houma Geotour includes a series of 25 caches hidden at museums, plantations, wildlife parks and nature trails. The caches range in size, from a large chest to something the size of a thimble, making the hunt more exciting. Inside the cache, you will find fun Houma swag as well as either a sticker or a code for you to signify you found that cache. Once you’ve collected at least 20 caches, bring your stickers and code words to the Houma Area Visitors Center to receive your collectible Houma GeoCoin. That’s right, this treasure hunt ends with doubloons!

Get Tricky: For those looking for a challenge, Houma has recently launched a second series of geocaches. This series contains puzzle and gadget caches—a type of geocache that is easy to find but challenging to get into. On this tour, you will be taken to more beautiful locations such as marinas, parks and coastal marshes. Once you navigate to the cache, you will notice that it is locked and you will have to solve a puzzle to access the cache and get your code. Once you have found 27 of the 30 new caches, return to the Houma Area Visitors Center for an additional Houma GeoCoin.

If your family is ready for an outdoor adventure in Louisiana’s Bayou Country, visit GeoHouma.com to learn more about geocaching. Happy caching!