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While the beloved New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has been cancelled for 2020, the good people at radio station WWOZ have created Jazz Festing in Place: An On-Air Festival. The eight days of programming will broadcast previously recorded Jazz Fest performances through the years. Each day coincides with the original 2020 Jazz Fest dates and will air music 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on April 23-26 and April 30-May 3. The station will also be airing previously recorded interviews about the cultural aspects of Jazz Fest such as the iconic food, crafts and heritage of New Orleans and southern Louisiana. Another a long-standing Jazz Fest tradition, WWOZ Piano Night, will take place virtually on Monday, April 27 by streaming on WWOZ’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, and

Another popular festival, Festival International de Louisiane, is holding its first ever Virtual Festival April 24-26. Fans can join in celebration from their own home by tuning into a weekend packed with curated shows from around the world through Facebook Live. The program’s schedule includes intimate concerts, nostalgic blast from the past videos, extra special televised videos from AOC Community Media, and an “International Collaborative Surprise” that should not be missed. Daily Showtimes will open with AOC Festival International Digital Archive releases. Then follows a short break to allow virtual festival-goers to refill their glasses and order some local takeout. Virtual Festival Shows kickoff after the break and will keep you grooving until the closing act. While the festival may be taking place under different circumstances, you can still shop for festival merch to commemorate this year’s unique celebration.

  • Virtual Fest Pro Tips:
  • Get in the spirit and put on your best festival get-up.
  • Get creative and decorate your house, stoop, or backyard.
  • Support your local restaurants by ordering in your favorite festival snacks, or make your own signature dish at home.
  • Schedule Zoom meetings and celebrate with your loved ones – from a distance!


Posted: Thu, 04/23/2020