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You will still be able to tap your toes and tempt your taste buds August 31st – September 4th at Louisiana's oldest state-chartered harvest festival, just keep in mind the following things:
Shrimp Boats at The Shrimp and Petroleum Festival

1.) The Music Stage will be positioned in the street at the corner of Second Street and Everett Street.

2.) The Shrimp & Petroleum Festival Parade scheduled for Sunday, September 3rd @ 3:00 p.m. will follow the same route as planned with one change. The parade will turn left from Second Street onto Freret Street to its final location. The Morgan City Police Department will be closing the Federal Avenue exit for a short period of time. All traffic will be directed to the LA 182 exit.

3.)The Mass scheduled to be held in Lawrence Park will be relocated to Holy Cross.

4.). No parking allowed around Lawrence Park.

5.) There will be no traffic flow in either direction on Everett Street from Third Street to Alabama Alley.

6.) There will be no traffic flow in either direction on Second Street from Railroad Avenue to Brashear Avenue.

7.) There will be no traffic flow on Third Street from Freret Street to Everett Street. Only residents living in that area and vendors will be allowed on Third Street.

8.) There will be no traffic flow on Greenwood Street from Third Street to Front Street.

9.) There will be no traffic flow on the unprotected side of Front Street from Brashear Avenue to Railroad Avenue. Only pedestrian traffic will be allowed in this area.

Please pay attention to certain areas around the festival grounds. Street parking is not allowed in many of these areas during certain times. These are tow-away zones and violators will be ticketed. Please do not block any driveways, alleys, or streets. We want everyone to have an enjoyable time at the Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival. Please act responsibly and don’t drink and drive. Stay Safe! #CajunCoast

See the illustration below for further assistance and click here for a complete schedule of events.



Posted: Wed, 08/30/2017