8 Ways to Say “I Love You” in Louisiana

Love Louisiana? Want to share that love with the special people in your life? From food to music to experiences, here are the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Louisiana valentine.

Ponchatula, Louisiana Strawberries

Ponchatula, Louisiana Strawberries

1.) Hey Valentine, you’re sweet!

The first valentine on this list goes out to your favorite foodie. This person knows where to find the best of the best when it comes to Louisiana cuisine. Send them this valentine and invite them to the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival for treats as sweet as they are!

Hey Valentine You're So Sweet

2.) Don't Give me the Blues, be my Valentine.

Give this valentine to someone you’d like to impress! Even if you strike out and end up getting the blues after all, you can still visit the Baton Rouge Blues Festival, Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival or one of the many blues clubs throughout the state.

Don't Give me the Blues, be my Valentine

3.) We go Together Like Red Beans & Rice

Red beans and rice is a classic Louisiana staple, much like the two of you! This traditional Monday dish dates back to laundry days when people needed something that could simmer all day. Easygoing and delicious, just like your cher.

We got Together Like Red Beans and Rice

4.) I'm Jazzed You're in my Life

​​This valentine is for the hippest person you know. They can be found at Local Thursday during Jazzfest or at Festival International and probably made their festival playlists back in January. Show them your appreciation for keeping you up to date with this valentine.

I'm Jazzed You're In My Life

5.) You Float my Airboat!

One of the most #OnlyLouisiana ways to catch a thrill is on an airboat deep in the swamps along Louisiana’s coastline. Perfect for the person in your life that is always on the hunt for an authentic experience and who would simply rather be outside.


6.) You Are My Sunshine

This valentine is perfect for your ray of sunshine. They make you happy when skies are gray, just like the Louisiana state song suggests. Chances are their smile is as infectious as that tune you know and love.

You Are My Sunshine Valentine

7.) You're A Catch!

Spears, plush toys, flashy beads—it doesn’t matter. This person is a magnet for all of the finer things in life, including premier Mardi Gras throws. Let them know that they are as special as a Zulu coconut, Nyx purse or Muses shoe with this valentine!

You're A Catch Valentine

8.) I'd Peel Crawfish for You

This valentine goes out to the hero of the crawfish boil. This person not only possesses the ability to simultaneously peel crawfish for four people, but they’re also patiently teaching out-of-towners the process. Give them a break and a token of your admiration.

I'd Peel Crawfish for You Valentine