Washington to Eunice to Sunset

Type of Route
89.2 miles
Nearby Cities

Ride through part of the history of Cajun music along this route through a rural area that is known as the Cajun Prairie. You'll leave the sugar cane fields and bayous, and move on to rice fields and crawfish farms as you make your way to Mamou and Eunice. Watch for names like Fontenot, Soileau and LeJeune on mailboxes and other markers.

Near Eunice, consider a stop at the Savoy Music Center, home of well-known musician and accordion-maker Marc Savoy. Nice country roads will be your route back through rice fields until you reach the town of Branch, when you will return to sugar cane territory. The only place for food and drink between Eunice and Sunset is a Chevron Station in Branch at the junction of Highways 35 and 365.

Start: Washington Tourist Information Center on Main Street.

WASHINGTON to MAMOU and Fred's Lounge:

Take Hwy. 103 West out of Washington.

0.4 Magnolia Ridge Plantation. You can walk the gardens free of charge.

2.2 Arlington Antebellum Home.

6.8 Straight ahead on Hwy. 363.

6.9 Grand Prairie

7.2 Left onto Hwy. 748 at graveyard and church.

11.4 Straight ahead on Hwy. 748 at junction with Hwy. 1169.

12.9 Junction with Hwy. 167 and Hwy. 10. Straight ahead on LeBois D'Arch Road. Do Not Turn on Hwy. 167 & 10.

14.3 Left at T and stop sign on Bellaire Cove Road.

16.4 Right on Lance De Cavalier Road (EASILY MISSED!). Brick house on right. Street sign with name of road was missing at the time of this writing.

20.4 Right at T onto Hwy.104 (Prairie Rhonde Road near the Olivier Store).

22.8 Right at T and stop sign on Hwy. 104 & Hwy. 29.

23.1 Left on Hwy. 104. Follow the sign to Mamou.

31.0 Left at four-way stop and caution light on Sixth Street.

31.7 FRED'S LOUNGE ON THE LEFT. Fred's is one of the most exciting Cajun places you can visit. Fred's has been in existence for over 50 years. Be prepared to squeeze in the door and work your way to the bar. Fred's opens at 8 a.m. The music and radio broadcast start at 9 a.m. The music goes until 1 p.m. Please don't drink and drive - your bike, that is! On the wall, one of Fred's home-made signs says: "This is not a dancehall. If you get hurt dancing, we are not responsible." Another sign proclaims, "Don't dance on the juke box, table tops or bar." And yet another pleads, "No volunteer musicians, please!" Carl's, across the street from Fred's, is a good place to eat lunch before you start the leg to Eunice.


Fred's Lounge. Go left or south on Hwy. 104.

0.3 Left on Hwy. 95 at T and stop sign toward Chataigner.

3.8 Left on Hwy. 95 at T and stop sign.

8.9 In Chataignier, go right on Hwy. 29 to Eunice. 16.3 Left on Hwy. 13 at stop sign and caution light.

17.0 At the traffic light, cross Hwy. 190 and continue straight ahead.

17.1 Right on Park Street. Potier's Cajun Prairie Inn will be on your right. The Liberty Theatre and the Prairie Acadian Cultural Center are two blocks down on Park Street.

Start: Potier's Cajun Prairie Inn

Right at T onto C.C. Duson Street.

0.4 Right on Hwy. 91 South.

0.9 Left on Hwy. 755 Spur (College Street).

1.4 Right on Hwy. 755 (by the Cemetery).

1.8 Left at T and stop on Hwy. 755 (LSUE Street).

6.4 Straight ahead on Hwy. 368 East & Hwy. 370.

9.4 Right on Hwy. 370 (Frey Cove Road) at T.

9.9 Straight ahead on Hwy. 370 West (McCain Road).

12.9 Left on Hwy. 365 East.

14.9 Straight ahead on Shultz Road at junction with Hwy. 13.

15.9 Straight ahead on PR1109.

16.4 Left on Hwy.1109.

17.4 Right on Hwy. 365 (Branch Highway) at T and stop sign.

23.9 In Branch, at the junction with Hwy. 35, continue straight ahead on Hwy. 365 (Branch Highway). Chevron Station & Deli will be on your left.

28.4 Right at T and stop sign on Hwy. 95 & Hwy. 365. Then immediately turn left on Hwy. 365 (Choppy's Road).

29.6 Left at T on Mary Alice Road

31.5 Right on Hwy. 356 (Peach Bloom Highway)

33.7 Left on Hwy. 356 in Bristol.

35.8 Left on Chretien Point Road (EASILY MISSED!).

36.8 Chretien Point Plantaion. OPEN FOR TOURS & BED & BREAKFAST.

38.6 At yield sign, continue straight ahead. Turn right at stop sign.

38.8 Right on Highway 182 into Sunset.

40.4 Sunset Town Hall on left. Bed & Breakfast available in Sunset and Grand Coteau. Historical attractions and a good restaurant are located in Grand Coteau.