Sandstone Multi-use Trail

Type of Route
36 miles
Nearby Cities

The Sandstone Multiple-Use Trail is the Kisatchie Ranger District's only trail designated for OHV's, motorcycles, horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. There is a cross-over spur trail that shortens the northern portion of the 31 mile loop. Visitors to the trail travel through the piney woods of the Kisatchie Hills, offering spectacular views, hilly terrain and beautiful longleaf pine. This trail offers a wide range of scenic views and riding experiences. Trailhead facilities are located at Lotus Camp, Corral Camp and Coyote Camp. Trailheads are also located along Longleaf Scenic Byway. Signs are located at the entrances of all camps. Camping is permitted. The trail is two-way, and some parts are tight, narrow and maintained in a manner to provide a primitive trail experience. Expect numerous blind turns where you could meet hikers, other riders or horses. Wet rocks, logs and stream crossings will be slippery. Riding fast is hazardous and is not recommended. From Natchitoches, Louisiana, go west on Louisiana Highway six miles. Turn left at Highway 117 and travel south approximately 20 miles. Turn left onto Forest Highway 59 (Longleaf Scenic Byway) and look for signs for trailheads. See Sandstone Multi-use Trail or call 318-473-7160.